Kids Thriving Through Play

Hey there! I’m Rachel, a Mum of four and a registered Occupational Therapist.

I’m passionate about supporting parents to develop healthy, resilient, creative children through less screen time and more play time. 

Why should you want your kids to PLAY more?

Less screen time and more play time is extremely important for healthy child development.

Play is an “occupation”, and an especially important one for kids because:

Playing with others helps children understand relationships, language, roles and social structure.

Play is proven to help develop children’s working memory and improve their ability to achieve at school and beyond.

Children who have had plenty of unscheduled, non-screen time for play throughout their early years are more likely to arrive at school with their natural and interest for learning intact.

Did you know:

Studies show that most preschoolers exceed the recommended guideline of one hour of daily screen time?

This is a problem, because:

Children are more resilient, more physically healthy, have stronger bodies, and spend less time at the Dr with less screen time and more play time.

Ministry of Social Development (2019)


Parents can feel frustrated and stuck on how to break screen time habits. I know… I’ve been there!

So how can I help your family?

Check out how I can help you here, including online courses, individual coaching, and articles on my blog.

Play is the way, and I’d love to help you get your kids thriving through play.


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