Winter is here… and as much as I love the “roaring fires and mulled wine” aspect of winter, I have to admit that winter at home with little kids is HARD. For me, it’s absolutely the hardest season of the year. All the extra layers required makes it harder to get out of the door. Everyone gets cold and muddy and starts crying. Someone gets sick and we’re all housebound for ages until we’re better again. The sun sets really early and the darkness does my head in. Can you tell that I’m not really a massive fan of winter?!

Having spent a few years at home with little kids now, I have learned a few things that help the winter days pass more easily. Over the next few weeks I’ll post a some tips and activities that help get us through.

So, here’s my number one tip:

Invest in really good wet weather gear.

Yes. Sounds easy, right? It’s amazing how much easier you’ll find winter, once your kids are clad in the right gear. You can’t survive winter without the right wet weather gear, in my opinion. It enables “kids to be kids” outside as much as possible.

Having good wet weather gear helps you keep your sanity as a parent, as you don’t get so frustrated when they get wet and muddy (because you know they will, right!). Good wet weather gear opens up a world that can otherwise be hard to access with littles, given their natural inclination to explore, fall over, and jump into muddy puddles.

We have the Mum2Mum overalls and jackets (from Farmers – half price sales for the win!) which we layer up with woolies underneath. When the kids were really little we used a full onesie (see above) from Kathmandu  But there are many good brands of wet weather gear available.

Yes, it can be hard work getting them outside.

And yes, there’s times when it would absolutely be easier to stay home.


You can’t stay inside all the time. No one likes cabin fever, and it’s inclined to send Mamas crazy at least. Not even mentioning the developmental benefits that outdoors play gives kids.  So you may as well invest well in good wet weather gear, to make your outdoor times as enjoyable as possible!

2017-04-13-09-53-26-1.jpgThe added bonus of wearing wet weather gear to the park after it’s rained, is that playground slides are SUPER FUN when they’re wet – instant water slide! (I think I need an adult size pair – who’s with me?!).

I keep a flexi tub in the back of the car that muddy pants/jackets/socks/gumboots go straight into after adventuring outdoors. Easy peasy!

My next blog post will talk about how to embrace the MUD that comes part & parcel with winter play.

I’ll also be posting some indoor activities over the next few weeks, as well as some resources to help keep Mamas sane on the cold dark days.

Till then, keep warm! Rachel. x






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