Keeping in theme with the polar blast this week, we’ve made some wintery themed playdough at home. This “snow dough” is a lovely smooth shiny dough, a little bit different to normal playdough, so adds a special touch to indoor play on cold days.

I got this recipe from a Playcentre education session I attended. Did you know that Playcentre runs the most interesting parent education sessions? All about play, early child development, parenting approaches, and more. They’re just fabulous. Thank you to Nathalie Doering and the Canterbury Playcentre Association for this great recipe.

Snow dough is quick and easy to whip up, using only three ingredients. It’s best to prepare it a wee bit ahead of time, because it’s a cooked recipe, so needs to cool off before the tamariki (children) can play with it. Even just half an hour beforehand is adequate. I’ve made this twice now and I’ve found that the texture improves when it’s cooler, as it’s not so sticky. Of course, you can always make it alongside your children, just bear in mind the wait time for it to cool.


1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup cornflour

3/4 cup warm water


1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan.

2. Stir over a medium heat until it bubbles.

3. Continue mixing until it thickens and begins to stick together. Remove from heat.

4. Knead well (important).

At home I set this out with some marbles and gemstones, which kept my two boys engaged for half an hour or so, before they added their own elements to it from our stash of play dough tools.

At playcentre, we had it set out like a snow scene with snow vehicles and animals aplenty. A brilliant idea was had to grate the playdough into little “snow pieces”, which the tamariki enjoyed moving about with the vehicles. Because this snow dough is so smooth, it grates really easily. Give it a go!

Play dough is a wonderful activity to have out at home with your kids. Alongside the hand strengthening and fine motor skill development for your tamariki, it’s also extremely therapeutic for yourself as a parent to get alongside and play with. There’s something about rolling, kneading, creating with play dough that helps you to slow down and enjoy the moment with your little ones. Join in, even just for five minutes. Make a snow man. Enjoy. xx.

P.S. I buy my baking soda and cornflour in bulk from Bin Inn, which makes this recipe easier on the pocket than using supplies from the supermarket. 

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