Do you have little people in your house who are car racing crazy? Then I want to introduce to you the BluTrack Racetrack.

My clever sister-in-law gifted this to us for Christmas last year, and it’s been an absolute hit with our two eldest kids (who are aged 4 and 3 years old). We’ve used it indoors, outdoors, taken it on holiday with us, and it ALWAYS comes out during playdates. It was the favourite toy over the cold winter we’ve just had, and an absolute sanity saver for me as a Mum.

So I just had to share it’s goodness with you over here on the blog…


Here’s what I love about it:

It encourages creative thinking:

When you get the BluTrack out of it’s box, it seems a bit simple to start off with… there’s just one loooong coil of flexible track, a suction pad, a flat piece of silver metal (more about this later) and one short page of instructions.


But. The simplicity of this racetrack is what makes it absolutely brilliant. It leaves the play open for the kids to make their own fun. For them to set up their own racetrack however THEY want it! The BluTrack is a completely flexible track, meaning it can be shaped in any way the children want. They can leave it in one long stretch and play drag races. Or they can create a loop (this is what the metal attachment is for). Or they can make it have hills and bumps, by putting cushions underneath it. Or they can experiment with putting it over and under chairs. They can even take turns lying underneath it, and feel the sensation of cars racing over their backs or tummies. We have had all of these scenarios over the last few months at our house… the possibilities are endless, and experimentation is the name of the game!


The BluTrack is an award winning STEM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and a version of it gets used in schools to teach physics. Cool huh!

It’s easy to set up:

What I also love about the BluTrack is that it’s mega-easy to set up. As in, there’s actually NOTHING that I as a parent have to actually DO to “help” set it up.

Let me break that down further for you – I can be busy in the kitchen, and the next thing I know, the boys have gotten it out, set it up, and are zooming cars down it. What an absolute BLESSING that is. No fiddly pieces to put together, nothing breaks. The only parental involvement that may possibly be needed is some guidance around who’s turn it might be next. The kids attach the suction pad to the window, unroll the track, then done.

Once they got the hang of the set up with me the first few times and after they figured out that THEY were in charge of how the track was set up, they were away. Free play with minimal parental involvement, can we say WIN?! That is seriously the best kind of toy both a parent and child could wish for.


It’s also extremely easy to roll back up and put away behind the curtain or back into the cupboard. The box even has a little handle on it, making it super easy to take away with you on holiday if you want.

It’s environmentally friendly:

The other aspect I love about the BluTrack is that I know it’s going to last the distance. This product is a heavy duty racetrack. It doesn’t feel flimsy, and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break very easily. As an eco-conscious parent, I do always have in the back of my mind the impact that plastic toys have on our environment. BluTrack doesn’t feel like a “plastic fantastic” racetrack that’s going to one day end up in the landfill. On the contrary, I can imagine it being handed down to the next generation. I have even recommended it to our toy library buyer as I can imagine it standing up well to being hired out to families.

So there you have it…

… an amazing toy that provides hours of open ended fun! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We have the 15ft starter pack, and for Christmas this year I think we might just add a few of the stunt ramps  to our set (which are recommended for ages 5+ to extend play).

The BluTrack fits Matchbox sized cars on it, just in case you’re wondering.

Check out the Starter Set on the Amazon store!

Happy racing, Rach.

*the Amazon links on this post are affiliate links meaning I get a small amount of money if you purchase through them. I don’t really mind if you do or not… I’m more interested in your kids having fun and you remaining sane as a parent. But y’know, if this blog post helps you out, then share the love! xx

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