I’m a huge fan of podcasts over here. I first discovered them a couple of years ago, when a friend of mine put me onto them.

At the time, she said to me something along the lines of “sometimes it can get lonely when you’re at home with kids“. She was a bit further down her parenting journey than I was at the time, and to be honest, I didn’t fully understand the extent that her comment was true. I still only had one child, and found it relatively easy to leave the house. He could sleep on the go and I was out and about a lot, interacting with other adults and getting my fill of “adult time”.

But now that I’m a couple of kids down the track, I TOTALLY get where she was coming from.

Juggling a baby’s nap schedule with two other preschoolers means that sometimes we just stay home. Getting three kids out of the house can be a mission, and although we do it almost every day, sometimes I give up!

And sometimes, it does get lonely. Even though I’m mostly an introvert, I do still need a certain amount of adult interaction to stay sane (hello, human being here).

I have friends who I can call, but getting interrupted by kids constantly on the phone isn’t ideal. And sometimes I just want some other adult input, with no effort from me. Lazy? Maybe… but the nature of having young children is that sometimes I’m just too tired to hold a decent conversation.

So that’s where I find podcasts GREAT. It’s like having a good intelligent (one sided) conversation with another adult.

I have been lifted out of a bad mood by listening to podcasts. Here’s a photo of me me doing some real life honest mothering, having a terrible day, yet being encouraged by a podcast. It worked, people!

I have challenged my brain, expanded my horizons, and satiated my ‘need for learning” by listening to podcasts.

I have gleaned parenting tips, tools, and life advice from listening to podcasts. 

I have been inspired and encouraged as a Mum by listening to podcasts. 

And I have built my relationship with God by listening to podcasts. Because when you have little kids, your “church” can change from sitting in and listening to the sermon on a Sunday, to spending time with other parents and kids in the crèche room. Which is still fellowshipping with other Christians, but getting that sermon input is harder to come by.

So here I’m sharing, in no particular order, the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis (i.e. once or twice a week, whenever I might have “time”).

Radio New Zealand


A range of thought provoking topics that actually help me feel like I’m an intelligent human being when I listen to them.

Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled


I love to follow Janet Lansbury, and to hear her advice in the first person is really helpful. Plus her podcasts are only about 15 minutes long so are good ones for me to throw on while walking home from kindy drop-off or doing a quick kitchen task.

Inspired to Action – Inspiration for Motherhood


Kat Lee is an American Mom who’s passionate about motherhood and equipping Moms. She’s super down to earth and has THE most adorable intro to all of her podcasts that will really encourage you as a Mother if you’re having a down in the dumps day!

God Centered Mom Podcast


Another Christian Mom, Heather MacFadyen has four boys and runs a really great, real, honest faith-based parenting podcast.

Glass Half Full: Occupational Therapy Talk


I was stoked when I discovered this podcast! As an OT currently on a career break, I’ve found it a really good way to keep in connection with my profession. Their mission is “to provide easily-accessible and evidence-based education, contributing to the body of resources available to Occupational Therapy practitioners and consumers”.

Mum’s The Word:


A “natural parenting” podcast, this one’s hosted by chiropractor Dr. Kaz Jaffe. She interviews experts in different fields. I particularly like the section on birthing, which might appeal to pregnant Mums who are planning for a home birth or a birth without drugs.

So there you have it! A little window into a resource that helps encourage and keep me sane and engaged as a full time stay at home Mum. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this post to share on the blog! Sometimes an occupational therapist’s role in someone’s life can be defined as an enabler, facilitator, or coach (1). I hope by sharing these resources that I may be enabling you to learn and grow on your parenting journey, and have the best day to day life as a parent that you can.

Much aroha, Rach. x

You might have some favourite podcasts that you enjoy? Please feel free to share them with us, I’m interested to know! Come join the conversation over on Facebook or Instagram, or leave a comment below. 


(1) Psychosocial Conceptual Practice Models in Occupational Therapy: Building Adaptive Capability. Ikiugu M.N. and Ciaravino E.A. (2007). Elsevier Publishing.

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