Down here in the South of the world, Easter comes at a time when the leaves are changing and the days are getting shorter. And although it obviously doesn’t change the true meaning of Easter, when you look around on the Internet for ways to “celebrate” Easter, images are often filled with the pastel colours and Spring images of daffodils.

That doesn’t really ring true for us down here in NZ. We have the glorious deep reds and yellows of turning leaves, and delicious fruits such as feijoas coming into season.

Although I’m not really into “gift giving” at Easter, I do like to celebrate Autumn. And my kids do get a *little* bit of chocolate at Easter. And as a Christian family, we obviously try to keep the focus on the gift that Jesus gave us with his life.

This year, from the recesses of my brain, I remembered a delightful little image that I’d seen somewhere on the internet, of an egg carton stacked with Autumn goodies – walnuts, feijoas, pinecones and the like (for the life of me I cannot find it again, and I’m sorry that I can’t give credit where it’s due). I thought that might be a nice way to celebrate Autumn and Easter with my family. Here’s what I ended up with.



I happened to have gold spray paint in my stash of craft goodies so decided that would work in nicely for the egg cartons. Or you could just leave them white, I think that would look great too!


Out came the hot glue gun to decorate them with a few fallen leaves and a small conker each.


I used seed pods and fallen leaves to create a little “nest” environment inside.


Inside I popped:

  • a painted rock. The boys have been singing the “L-O-V-E-, love that’s why” song at Kindy lately, so that’s what I wrote on the wee painted rocks for them.
  • bulbs to plant. I love that this is an activity we can do together, connecting with nature and also bringing in the symbolism of new life.
  • a feijoa (yum!)
  • a passionfruit *which isn’t really an “Autumn fruit” but the boys have never had a whole passionfruit to themselves, so they’ll be stoked about this.
  • a tiny pear
  • a walnut
  • a little chocolate Lindt bunny

Originally I wasn’t going to include chocolate, but I just couldn’t resist those cute wee bunnies. Plus, they go with my Autumn-y colour theme (lame, I know). Also plus, they came in a pack of five, so I got to eat the other three #truth.

So there you have it, a cute little nature themed Easter stash. Minimal waste, no plastic, and appropriate for our beautiful season of Autumn down here in New Zealand.

Have a Happy Easter everybody,

Blessings, Rach.




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