I thought I’d share what my kids will be getting for Christmas this year. Not because anyone’s asked. But because I’m a blogger, so that’s what I do.

This year I had a couple of goals in mind for gifts for the kids:

  • Open ended play items: meaning toys that can be played with in a multitude of ways, sparking imagination and creativity.
  • Wooden or sustainable sources.
  • Support small businesses.
  • Quality over quantity.

So this year, I have bought items that I have coveted for the kids for aaaaaages. Ones that I’ve had my eye on and waited months to purchase for Christmas. Hopefully these items will set them up for many beautiful hours of imaginative, co-operative play in the year ahead.

As a reminder, my kids are (almost) six, four, and two years old.

First up, because I love it SO MUCH, their joint gift from my parents (and us) is a

Rock-it Board

I am SO flippin excited about this. This is an item I’ve wanted for the last two years, and bought for our toy library before. I’m stoked to finally have our own! I chose to buy the ‘Little Earth’ size which I think is appropriate for our small kids. I will do a full review of this on the blog at a later stage, because I have A LOT of things to say about these boards!

Ok onto the individual items:

For our eldest (turning six):

his main present is a Hape wooden marble run – ‘The Roundabout‘. Another item that’s been on my list for the last year!

Hape are one of my absolute favourite brands of toys. According to their website, they are a sustainable business, sourcing products from renewable bamboo and giving back to their local community too.

I love that this marble run is made of extremely sturdy wood, so can be easily set up by the kids independently, as opposed to the plastic variety of marble runs. It hopefully isn’t going to break and end up in the landfill.

This set is not the biggest marble run that Hape make, so we can add to it at later stages if we want to. There are so many developmental benefits of this marble run, including visual perceptual development, hand eye co-ordination, problem solving, and eye tracking development. Love it!

For our four year old:

his main gift is a Rainbow stacking set with stacking plates from Moo&The Gang Toys. He loves building things, so I hope he’ll embrace these.

As soon as I laid my eyes on Grimms Rainbows I was immediately intrigued by them. These open ended play items can be used in many different ways, in many different areas of play. I chose to purchase from Moo& The Gang because they’re a small work-at-home family (well, they actually homeschool out of a house bus!), so I truly wanted to support them.

It will be interesting to see how the kids play with these. I’ll be sure to follow up with a review for these too!

For our wee toddler:

She was the hardest to choose for. A) because she’s the youngest of three, and she doesn’t really *need* much, and B) her birthday is just a week before Christmas, so she already gets something for that!

But. I decided to add on a set of Rainbow Pips from Moo&The Gang for her.

These cute wee friends are gender neutral and can add to our small world play. We don’t really have figurines so this was perfect.

She’s also getting a drink bottle (much needed!) and a bucket (the boys have blue and green ones of these brilliant metal buckets from Twigz). I’ve included a wee gardening set in her gifts because we legitimately needed a few more tools.

Other little things they’re getting are butterfly nets, a Schleich animal figurine to add to our collection (a gift tradition of mine), LEGO boards, and small measuring tapes.

Christmas Book:

As part of our Christmas traditions I buy a new Christmas themed book each year, this year I’ve bought “A Little Shepherd’s Christmas” by Carol Heyer, which I bought from The Christian Superstore.

I always love to go to this shop and have a wee browse at Christmas time. They have a great range of lovely Christmas books and I loved this particular ones as it has beautiful illustrations, and tells the Nativity story from a perspective slightly different to the traditional telling. It’s really lovely.

So that’s Christmas 2018. It’s a bit more than I would usually spend, but we have a bit more money than usual available this year, so I have invested in quality items. Last year we gifted them Magnatiles and although I initially balked at the price, they’ve been an amazing investment. Hopefully (like the Magnatiles did), these additions to their play will again set us up well for more hours of fun, happy, playful times.

No matter what you get for Christmas, may your day be filled with love, laughter and joy.

Merry Christmas to you all. xx Rach.


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