Here’s to not living by the ringing of the school bell.

Here’s to the slow mornings, the late starts,

trying to make it to kindy on time.

Being waylaid again

by yet another dead bumble bee that needs examining

and carpets of fallen kowhai blossoms

and fuzzy pussy-willows.


Here’s to the hours of play

hours and hours of deep, meaningful, enriching play;

that aren’t going to end

but will be interspersed (dare I say interrupted)

with more formal learning too.


Here’s to just throwing our hands up

and saying “screw it”

let’s all get in the car and go to the beach today instead.

Because Mama has decided we all need some Vitamin Sea.

We spend our day carrying all the gear

getting sand everywhere and in everything

and forgetting the sunscreen.


Here’s to our carefully crafted weekly routine

of time spent with friends and time spent alone.

The routine that keeps us all sane

especially your Mama.


Here’s to bouncing off the walls on cold rainy days in Winter,

indoor obstacle courses and dressing up.

Hopefully as you learn to read

we’ll all be able to handle those days a bit more easily.


Here’s to learning together

all about insects and dinosaurs,

volcanoes and catapults.

Thank you for teaching me so much in the last six years,

How to be a Mum, and who I am as a Parent.


Here’s to the cuddles as I leave you at the kindy door

I know that next year you’ll need them at the school door too

But I know you won’t

want them forever.


Here’s to the next stage

the stage of emerging from the preschool years

having grown into the “big kid”.

Next year you’ll be one of the little kids again

even though you already know so much.


Go well my son,

as we move on from these preschool years together,

onto the next stage of life.


As you make me a “school Mum”,

living 9-3,

by the ringing of the school bell.

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