Mindfulness; the small act of taking notice, of being present, of becoming grounded.

I’ve been practicing this this lately. Because I’ve been having some hard moments in the last few weeks.

It’s been the first few weeks of starting school, of changing routines. My mind has been full. Full to overflowing of supporting my children, of everything that needs to happen, of keeping things together, and it’s been somewhat overwhelming.

There’s been a few anxious moments, a few strung out times, a few times of *not* keeping it together. And that’s ok.

Taking notice of little things in my environment that are giving me joy has been helpful.

The smell of the woods as I walk.

The crunch of fallen bark underfoot.

Sun shining through the trees.

The sheer blue of the glorious evening sky.

The cute little round leaves of the plants I haven’t managed to kill yet.

Slowing down and watching my wee girl play.

The colour & shape of my new coffee mug.

Watering my garden and watching the earth change colour under the plants.

And even, yes even, the feel of my lovely stainless steel pegs – so much nicer than plastic!

Friends, taking notice of the little things can bring peace.

It fills my head with other things, rather than wonderings of how my son will be/is going at school.

Taking notice is a truly powerful way to train your brain into being present & reduce anxiety – so much so that it’s recommended by the Mental Health Foundation of NZ as one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

It’s proven by science, friends. Science.

So if you are struggling, finding your mind getting carried away, feeling anxious… then start to take notice of the little things; the sounds, shapes, smells of your environment that might have otherwise passed you by.

Be present in the moment and take notice. It will have a positive effect on your mind, I promise.

xx Rach.

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  1. The beginning of school is such a huge transition for a family, glad you are taking care of yourself.
    Mindfulness is a great practice that I find really useful. I’ve written about my approach – https://moretimethanmoney.co.nz/2017/02/25/mindfulness-and-me/. I suck at meditation but I’ve got some go to mini practices I build into my day.
    I’m not sure if you are crafty at all, but I also find crochet and knitting great mindfulness practices.


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