When I first saw bloggers/other Mums making their own gummies I thought “woah, that’s hard core, they must be super-mums”. Nevertheless, the more I read the recipes, the easier it seemed to be. Call me a super-mum, whatever….I’m actually not – I find making gummies FAR easier than baking!


Iiiii know…. holy grail of kitchen goddess: “baking” with the kids, am I right?!

Except, they’re not actually “baking”, because:

a) there’s only 5 ingredients

b) you don’t have to turn the oven on

c) there’s minimal dry ingredients flying everywhere messing up the kitchen

d) they take minimal time to prepare

e) they only take about 30 minutes to set and be ready to eat


I kind of class them more as a science experiment that actual baking.

A science experiment that you can EAT.

Gummies are awesome because they’re immune and gut-health boosting, great for this time of the year. I don’t have a reference for that because I’m not a nutritionist but go google it for yourself and you’ll see. 

I make them on a regular basis throughout the colder seasons of the year.  The kids LOVE them and gobble them up. I put one or two in their lunchboxes and they think they’re lollies. Oh my goodness that’s adorable, I love them so much.

One of the main barriers to making your own gummies is having your own molds. And quite honestly, I bought cute wee molds because I think they’re fun and I like them.

See? Cute.
See? Cute.

BUT – you can actually just pour the mix straight into a container. And then you cut it up into wee squares once it’s set. This is 100% the easiest way and sometimes if I have a bit of leftover mixture I do this and think “huh, why do I even bother with those fiddly wee molds?!”

One the left: mix that had been set in a little round container and cut up afterwards.

Anyway, enough babbling. Here’s the recipe:


1/4C pureed fruit

1/4C water

2T honey (you can use a little less, depends on your taste preference and budget seeing as we all know that honey is so darn expensive isn’t it)

1t lemon juice

2T gelatine

I always make a double mixture as we go through them so fast. 


Whizz up your chosen fruit (I use a stick blender). I usually use frozen blueberries and a kiwifruit, but for this one I used 1 orange. Try to get the mixture as smooth as you can, it doesn’t have to be completely smooth, it just makes it easier to pour if it is.

Put first four ingredients into a saucepan, warm gently until honey is melted.

Remove from heat.

Sprinkle gelatine over the top. Whisk until there’s no lumps.

Put your silicone molds onto an oven tray before you pour the mixture in. This is so you can actually carry them when they’re full without spilling the mixture all over the place (who, me?!).

Pouring; the potential for mess here is high. Practice helps, people. Let them have a go and they’ll get better each time.

Pour the mix in, use a knife to scrape any overflow into empty spaces. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Tap tap the whole tray up and down on the table to get rid of excess bubbles.

Alternatively just pour the whole mix into a shallow tray and cut up when set – WAY EASIER.

Pop into the freezer for quick set option, usually around 30 minutes. Alternatively, set in fridge for min 2 hours.

Popping them out of the molds can sometimes be a bit tricky, try putting them back into the fridge/freezer if that happens.

See, lots of overflowed mixture and bubbles. Perfectly imperfect!

Transfer to an airtight container (I usually do this the next day) and keep them in the fridge.

So there you go, fellow “super-mums” (aka people who don’t love “baking” but can manage a science experiment).

Let me know how you go!

xx Rach.

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