Late in 2018 I was struck by a realisation. I had been wanting to ‘return to work’. Looking at vacancies for traditional OT jobs just weren’t doing it for me though.

You see, I had a passion in my heart. A passion that I just couldn’t ignore.

I wanted to help parents. Help them to get their kids off screens and into play.

And so I stopped looking at job vacancies. And I mulled over the idea of how to follow this passion. Many ideas flowed. Not many of them were viable or do-able at this particular stage. But one stuck….

Create an online course.

And so that’s what I have been doing for the last six months.

I took part in a business development course specifically designed for OTs wanting to work in the online space.

And I wrote content in the one day a week I had child-free. Balancing the juggle of running a house hold, being a Mum, volunteer hours, and budding online entrepreneur.

Progress was slow. Slower than I would have liked it to be. But push has come to shove, I have arranged more care for the two littles in the week, I have recorded my videos, and the first version is ready to release!

Rachel McFedries (3)

You can check it out here if you’re interested.

All of the details are on the website.

There’s a special code that you can use if you’d like to take part in the first launch, which kicks off Monday 8 July. Enter BETA at the checkout to access the course for $79NZD.

Bear in mind that the first version is just that – possibly a little scratchy around the edges, hot off the press version that will be refined and added to in the future for a more polished version. It will still be helpful for you, if you’re wanting support to reduce your kids screen time. But just know that I’ll be asking you for feedback!

xx Rach.

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