Did you know, that all around the world, ‘screen time coaches’ are going into people’s homes and advising parents about PLAY? I just read this ‘NY Times’ article this morning.
A friend of mine posted it on my facebook after seeing I’d just launched No More Square Eyes. Obviously, I’m not alone in feeling like there’s a need for less screen time and more PLAY time!

I’ve collated 5 of the tips to unlock PLAY that I share in ‘No More Square Eyes’ for you…. because cutting down on screens means more time for PLAY, and the more we facilitate this, the easier the detox process is!

Five Tips to Unlock PLAY:

1. Source Open Ended Toys. This will help unlock your children’s imaginations and let their play flow!
2. Change Up the “Play-vironment”. Yes I made up that word (it’s good, huh)! Thinking intentionally about your children’s environment where they play (and changing it up every now and again) refreshes play.
3.  Learn Your Child’s Play Preferences. Also known as ‘schemas’, or ‘play urges’, these biological urges are what drive children to play in certain ways. Deciphering these and extending on them can unlock hours of play.
4. Marie-Kondo Your Toys. Yes that’s right, a massive declutter is in order. Less overwhelm equals more play!
5. Become Your Child’s Personal “Play Advocate”. Learning about, valuing play, and having a mindset that PLAY is the most important way forward for children will go a long way in helping you turn off that screen. Becoming a ‘Play Advocate’ is truly important, the world needs more of you!

Would you like to know more? I expand on these points (and give more tips!) in No More Square Eyes – your own personal screen time coach in the comfort of your own home. 

Today is the last day you can sign up for the special release price of $79. The course kicks off tomorrow! Use the code BETA at checkout to access this special discount. 

You can sign up here: click to purchase.

Play is the way!

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