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Occupational Imbalance: When Mothering Is Not Enough

Over the last year of being a SAHM, I have felt another calling on my life. Living the busy day-to-day life managing three little kids just wasn't cutting it for me any more. I was feeling restless, unfulfilled, and looking for "what's next". And it was really challenging for me to accept that. Other Mums… Continue reading Occupational Imbalance: When Mothering Is Not Enough

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How Alexa Helps Us Stay Off Screens

Yes I know. It seems a little counter-intuitive, doesn't it? Bring a "smart device" into your home, and it will reduce the time your kids spend in front of another device. But surprisingly, it's true.  Husband got me an Alexa for last Christmas. I actually wasn't really that happy about it. I mean - it's not… Continue reading How Alexa Helps Us Stay Off Screens

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Five Tips to Unlock PLAY

Did you know, that all around the world, 'screen time coaches' are going into people's homes and advising parents about PLAY? I just read this 'NY Times' article this morning. A friend of mine posted it on my facebook after seeing I'd just launched No More Square Eyes. Obviously, I'm not alone in feeling like… Continue reading Five Tips to Unlock PLAY

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Mud Mates Wet Weather Gear – a Review

As you may have figured out by now I'm a huge advocate of taking kids outdoors. You can even read a post I wrote called "Embrace The Mud" over here! There's a huge range of benefits of nature play for kids, including the fact that more evidence is emerging about the link between nature and… Continue reading Mud Mates Wet Weather Gear – a Review