Are you frustrated with your children’s inability to settle into play?

Worried about how much time they’re spending on screens?

Overwhelmed with toys?

Struggling to understand the why behind your kids’ behaviour?

Feeling a little bit stuck with how to make meaningful change?

I hear you! And I can help.

I know how frustrating it is, believe me, I have been there! I have parented through the storms… the screen time meltdowns, the overwhelm of toys, the lost connection, the battle of routines.

We are all in this together.

Right now, I can help you:

  • Understand your children’s play a little better and unlock hours of independent play
  • Coach you through an unique plan to help you cut your kids’ screen time back
  • Shed some light on some of the sensory issues that can impact play
  • Get your mothering-mojo back by giving you a little space to breathe while watching your kids play happily

Children who spend more time in play and less time on screens have less visits to the Doctor, and less time in illness than those who don’t.

(Ministry of Social Development, 2019).

In your initial assessment we will complete a home analysis via video. We will then come up with personalised solutions that suit your family and children.

After implementing the recommendations you will see:

  • Your children spending longer in independent play
  • Your children being more settled in their play
  • Your children being more engaged in creative play more often
  • Less nagging for screentime
  • Your children growing up happier, healthier, and stronger

Are you ready to make a huge difference in your family’s life?

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But hang on a minute, I just *know* you are thinking:

“Why is an Occupational Therapist interested in play?”

  • OTs are trained to assess individuals in the person’s own environment; to identify problems and come up with solutions.
  • OTs have training in child development.
  • OTs work from a strengths based approach, building on an individual’s natural capacities.
  • OTs view the “occupation of play” as an important activity that children learn, develop, grow, and self regulate through.

Occupational therapists LOVE play!

And I want to help your children play to their full potential.

Your initial assessment consists of a video consult of 45 minutes, with a report of recommendations.

Your follow up session is a 30 minute video or phone call. This is to review changes and follow up any issues that have come up since your assessment.

Your investment is $149 which is required to be paid in full via bank deposit prior to our initial consult. Payment plans available upon request.

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If there are no times that suit, please email me on

Your information will be kept completely confidential as per requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.

Rachel is a Registered Occupational Therapist with OTBNZ (registration number 50-05639).