Feeling frustrated at your children’s seeming inability to settle into play? Feeling overwhelmed with toys and clutter? Can’t even think where to start making meaningful changes?

I hear you!

Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve got a what seems like a gazillion toys but the kids still complain of being bored. Or when they’re moaning again that they’ve got nothing to do. Or that the siblings aren’t playing well together.

Sometimes as a Mum it can lead you to almost pull your hair out wondering what to do about it.

But it doesn’t need to be like that. I’d love to help you:

  • Understand your children’s play a little better
  • Reinvent your children’s play-vironment
  • Learn practical tips that can make a huge difference to your children’s play
  • Get your mothering-mojo back by giving you a little space to breathe while watching your kids play happily

Children who spend more time in play and less time on screens have less Dr’s visits and less time in illness than those who don’t. (Ministry of Social Development, 2019).

In your Play-at-Home Assessment we will complete a home analysis where will chat about all things play. You can vent to me what the problems are (don’t worry, as a Mum of four there’s no doubt I will completely empathise with where you’re at!) and we will come up with personalised solutions that suit your family and children.

After implementing the recommendations your children will

  • Spend longer in independent play
  • Be more settled into their play episodes
  • Be more engaged in creative play
  • Nag you less for screens
  • Be happier healthier and stronger

Are you keen to make a huge difference in you and your children’s life?

Book a time slot that suits you here.

The process:

  1. You book the time that suits you best.
  2. We jump on a video call for the assessment. Be prepared to show me what the current play-space looks like, but don’t worry – you don’t have to tidy it! In fact, it’s better if you don’t!
  3. We will discuss some possible changes that will make a world of difference in your family home.
  4. I will provide you with a written summary via email.
  5. You put the changes into place, then sit back and enjoy a cuppa while your children take their play to a whole new level!

But hang on a minute, I just *know* you are thinking:

“Why is an Occupational Therapist interested in play?”

Did you know that OTs are trained to assess individuals in the person’s own environment; to identify problems and come up with solutions?

Did you know that OTs have training in child development?

Did you know that OTs work from a person-first strengths based approach, building on an individual’s natural capacities?

Did you know that OTs view the “occupation of play” as an important activity that children can (and should) be learning, developing, growing, and regulating through?

Occupational therapists LOVE play! And I want to help your children play to their full potential.

Play-at-Home Assessments consist of a video consult of 45 minutes plus an individualised report, for $65NZD

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