Links to reputable information about screen time and preschoolers

Government Report on the Effects of Screen Time and Preschoolers

This report, published in 2019 by the Ministry of Social Development (NZ) contains up-to-date reliable evidence supporting the use of less screens with preschoolers.

The study analysed data from more than 5,000 preschoolers and found that children who watched more than one hour per day 2 years old were more likely to be obese, have more illnesses and visits to the doctor, have lower physical motor skills, and may exhibit hyperactivity problems at 4.5 years of age.

You can download the full report on the link above.

Sit Less, Move More, Sleep Well: Active Play Guidelines for Under-Fives

An easy to read report, published in 2017 by the Ministry of Health. Contains up to date international research findings that inform public health guidelines here in New Zealand.

Has practical tips and advice on how to promote and get preschoolers sitting less, moving more, and sleeping well.

Brainwave Trust – Tots, Toddlers, and TV: The potential harm

A short 4 page informative fact sheet discussing the effects of excess screen time for young children. Sections are broken down into parent-child interactions, play, language, attention an other.

Brainwave Trust are a trusted reliable source of parenting information in New Zealand.

A psychologist and marketing professor Mom and Dad team, this is an awesome website with heaps of free info and ideas to help you on your journey to less screens. From their website:

Screen-Free Parenting is a counter-culture blog designed to support you wherever you are on the screen spectrum. Screen-free, screen-limiters or screen-embracers all deserve research-based information to help them make the best tech-wise choices for their families.

Screen Free Parenting helped me feel not-so-alone when I started my own screen reduction in our house. Because sometimes you can feel a little bit like the odd parent out.

Janet Lansbury Articles

As a parent and educator, I absolutely LOVE Janet Lansbury’s respectful approach to children and parenting. She has occasionally discussed screen time on her blog/podcast and has a really down to earth respectful approach to it that is worth reading about. Here are the links:

A Creative Alternative to Baby TV Time

Not Easy to Cut off Screen Time

The Facts About Your Kids and Screen Time (podcast interview with Dr Meghan Owenz of Screen-Free Parenting – transcribed)

Screen Time Studies Parents Should Know About (Guest Post by Meghan Owenz, PhD – follow up to above podcast interview).

Sensible Screen Use in Schools

Founded in 2019 by a paediatric physiotherapist Julie Cullen, this website was developed with the help of a group of parents and professionals who believe that the way digital technology is commonly used in many schools in New Zealand is not meeting the goals of the 2020 digital curriculum.

This website reviews the research behind device use in education. It explains why we need moderate, purposeful and evidence-based use of digital technology by schools and what can be done to influence change.

(Information taken from, September 2019).


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