Hello again! I’m excited for you that you want to start making meaningful changes in your family’s life. And I’d love to help! There’s a few ways to work with me….

No More Square Eyes (e-course)

Less Screen Time, More PLAY Time

Want to embrace a less-screens-lifestyle in your home? This e-course is a cost effective solution to creating real change in your family’s life, breaking screen habits and creating more opportunities for your child to play. 


Your children will engage in more creative, enriching play.

Your children will have less risk of developing obesity, and they will have less Dr visits.

Your household will be calmer, happier, and more peaceful.

This is for you if you want a self-paced, thorough, science based approach to making change in your family.

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Individual Play and Screen Time Coaching

45 minute video coaching session with written report

Are you after individualised advice to help you with your parenting? I’ve got you! You will get expert insight into:

  • what play-urges your children are showing and how you can extend on these
  • ways to set up your home environment to optimise play
  • coaching to cut back on your children’s screen time
  • specific advice on sensory aspects of play that could help your children

We will complete a 45 minute video call and you will receive a one page written report with the recommendations we discuss. Optional is a follow-up 30 minute session.

You will feel empowered to make changes in your home environment that will lead to more creative meaningful play for your children.

You will gain insights into your children’s play and know what toys best suit their developmental stage.

This is for you if you are time poor, but still keen to make change, and want a little bit of extra help!

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Group Coaching

Coming soon!

This is for you if you want to learn from others, have support through a group, and want some ongoing support while you make change in your household.

Email me on hello@rachmcf.com to register your interest.

Speaking, Writing, and Podcasting

I love to speak with parents at early childhood centres and parenting groups, write articles, and talk about balancing play time with screen time on podcasts.

Topics include: screen time and play, the role of mothering, and mental health during parenthood.

I’ve previously been published in these places:

The Family Times Magazine a leading Canterbury parenting magazine. Topics include finding joy in mothering, starting school at six, DIY heuristic play, and birthing at home.

The Outdoor Kids Project on the topic of getting ready for school through outdoor play.

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I am located in the Christchurch central region.