Shop Loose Parts/Heuristic Play Kits

Heuristic play and loose parts play is something that I am passionate about as an educator and Mum. I love collecting items and thinking about ways that babies and children might explore/play with them.

With this in mind I have started selling kits for parents. I recognise that some parents might not have so much time to source items, know what to look for, or just aren’t as passionate about it as I am!



Heuristic play is a term used to describe infants exploring everyday household objects, a range of textures to engage the senses.

Loose parts play is a term used to describe children using “junk” or otherwise “non toy” objects to engage their creativity in play.

Traditionally, heuristic play kits don’t include plastic items. However I see so many opportunities for infants and children to use the random plastic objects I include. My main criteria is that they are open-ended and able to be manipulated in a multitude of ways by infants. The plastic items included are from a recycling shop.

Kits are $20NZD and will include a range of various items I have sourced from nature, recycling shops, and second hand shops. The bonus of this is that you can be assured that items are sustainable! Good for your kids, good for the planet!

All items are ones that I would happily given my own babies to explore.

I pick items based on my knowledge as an Occupational Therapist, Play Educator, and Mum of three.

Items may include:

Shells, banksia seed pods, white stones, small pinecones, stainless steel teacups, stainless steel plates, cardboard cones, pieces of leather, pieces of textured fabric, pieces of sheepskin, plastic containers, zips, ribbons, wooden items, doilies, embroidered items, napkin rings.


Items will vary depending on availability.

All items will be suitable for babies to mouth, with no sharp edges.

  • Please wash the hard items in warm water with a splash of white vinegar and the fabric items in a hand wash before giving them to your tamariki.

Please use common sense and supervision when your little people are exploring these kits. 

Items will be sent to you in a paper bag. You may like to present them to your baby in a basket or shallow box to allow for easy access and aesthetics of play. I recommend keeping the basket away from baby’s reach and bringing it out at select times during the week e.g. during baby’s morning awake time (or dinner prep time if you need them to be engaged!)



Includes postage within urban Christchurch (Rolleston, Leeston, Tai Tapu boundaries).



Includes postage to areas outside of Christchurch urban boundaries. NZ ONLY.


Direct deposit:


Please add postage cost (Christchurch, Tai Tapu, Leeston, Rolleston, Kaiapoi: $6.50, rest of NZ $8.30)

Email me your name, address, and add the age of your child/ren in the comment section:


Please allow up to a week for me to pack and post your kit. Given I am a SAHM juggling multiple roles this is to ensure I can prioritise my time as needed. 

Thank you for your order! All funds go towards helping me establish my goal of practising as an independent occupational therapist helping families of young children balance screen time and family routine.

xx Rach.