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Five Tips to Unlock PLAY

Did you know, that all around the world, 'screen time coaches' are going into people's homes and advising parents about PLAY? I just read this 'NY Times' article this morning. A friend of mine posted it on my facebook after seeing I'd just launched No More Square Eyes. Obviously, I'm not alone in feeling like… Continue reading Five Tips to Unlock PLAY

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Mindful Moments Easing my Days

Mindfulness; the small act of taking notice, of being present, of becoming grounded. I’ve been practicing this this lately. Because I've been having some hard moments in the last few weeks. It’s been the first few weeks of starting school, of changing routines. My mind has been full. Full to overflowing of supporting my children,… Continue reading Mindful Moments Easing my Days

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The Stages of Changing to Plastic Free

The move to removing single use plastic bags from our economy is coming, with one of NZ's leading supermarket chains removing them from use next week. It's a time of change for a lot of people. Change for the better for our environment. I'm so excited about this movement but I also acknowledge that change… Continue reading The Stages of Changing to Plastic Free

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Pushing Play on Podcasts: a great parenting resource and sanity saver.

I'm a huge fan of podcasts over here. I first discovered them a couple of years ago, when a friend of mine put me onto them. At the time, she said to me something along the lines of "sometimes it can get lonely when you're at home with kids". She was a bit further down… Continue reading Pushing Play on Podcasts: a great parenting resource and sanity saver.