Here you will find a series of posts containing tips and tricks to help preschoolers and their stay-at-home-parents survive THRIVE through winter. Because we all know that winter can be hard when you have little kids… but it can also be an opportunity for fun muddy messy play and exploring different toys and indoor resources!

Tip One: Invest in good gear! It will help you and your kids get the most out of outdoor adventuring over winter.

Tip Two: Embrace the MUD! Developmental reasons why you should let your kids engage in messy play.

Tip Three: Toy Rotation: all about why you should hide away some of those excess toys.

Tip Four: Relax and Listen: investigate audio resources for your preschoolers. Here are two of my favourite; one New Zealand CD and one UK based website. Great alternatives to watching TV on those cold wet rainy days!

Tip Five: Active Indoor Play Ideas! Tried and Tested over winter 2017 by this OT Mum and her two young boys.